MUSC protects your privacy by using only secured forms whenever collecting personal information. These secured forms are designed to protect the information you share with us on the internet by encrypting the information you provided us on the form.

How do you know when a site has been secured? 
There are 2 important clues you should look for when trying to establish whether the website you are visiting has been secured.  

The Padlock 
If you see the padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser status bar you know that a digital certificate has been installed onto this website and that SSL encryption is in place. This means that information being transmitted between your Web Browser and the Web Server you are connected to on the Internet is safe from being tampered with.

Pad lock in the browser

The Padlock indicates that the information collected on the form is encrypted and secure.

The thawte Trusted Site Seal
Once an e-business has obtained a thawte SSL Web Server or SGC SuperCert, it is supplied with an authentic thawte Trusted Site Seal. The thawte Trusted Site Seal is a secure image appearing on a website that allows visitors to tell at a glance that their information can be securely transmitted.