MUSC Women's Care

musc women's care

Department Chair, Dr. Donna Johnson

Dr. JohnsonOn behalf of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical University of South Carolina, I would like to thank you for your interest in our residency program. Though many university programs have much in common, our program offers a number of unique features:

• Charleston is one of the grandest cities in America. It has been voted the friendliest city over the past several years.  Our climate is fantastic, and there is water everywhere. It is very difficult to live more than 10-20 minutes from the Medical Center and traffic is very manageable. The city offers a unique blend of history, weather, culture, fabulous restaurants, manageable traffic, and reasonable real estate prices.

• The Medical Center is right in the midst of downtown with all of its charm and vitality. Unlike other cities, downtown is where people really do live and work. The Medical University is a freestanding state-supported medical center; it has recently become a hospital authority, which gives it remarkable independence from the typical constraints of state government.

• Our Department is a family of attending physicians, resident physicians, student physicians, administrative staff, and nurses. I believe strongly that you will find the Medical University of South Carolina to be a pleasant place to spend four years. We care about each other, we look after each other, and this support extends well beyond the work place and the workday.

• Our residency endorses graduated responsibility. We do not expect first year residents to be accomplished in the many facets of our specialty. With proper supervision, utilizing the chain of command, we do not allow residents to face situations, which they are ill equipped to handle. We are of the belief that it takes four years to be an ob/gyn resident, and I can promise you that at the end of that experience you will be well prepared for the next phase of your lives. All of our residents do well on the CREOG exams and all of our residents have passed the written examination of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology on their first try.

In conclusion, I can promise you that your four year experience at the Medical University of South Carolina will be a profitable and pleasurable one, and we look forward to reviewing your application and meeting you in person in the near future. Please do not hesitate to call or write should there be questions about our program.


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