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Why is research important for women's health?

Women's health involves many issues that are unique. We learn about these unique issues through research studies. For example, recent research has taught us about early detection of cervical cancer, concerns about hormone replacement therapy, urinary incontinence, risk factors for preterm labor, the importance of mammograms and prevention of osteoporosis. These sorts of studies help all women. In fact, every one of us has benefitted in some way from research.

It is important that your physician and nurses know about the latest research. When your physician is also a researcher, she or he has access to the most current information and treatments. Often, they will know about the research results before they are announced to the public. This translates into improved health care for women.

Why is research done?

  • to improve methods to diagnose diseases
  • to develop new drug treatments and other therapies
  • to identify risk factors for health problems
  • to create strategies for disease prevention & education programs
  • to evaluate the way we deliver health care

What happens when you participate in a study?

Clinical research follows strict scientific and ethical procedures. There are guidelines about who can participate and what kind of information is gathered. Participants first receive a complete explanation about the study and then must give their consent to participate. Participants should understand the study completely, including the purpose of the study, what medications and procedures are involved, the pros and cons of participating, and what information will be collected. It is the patient's choice whether or not to participate in a research study. 

To volunteer or receive further information, you can contact:

Erica Ellington, CRA
Research Program Manager
Obstetrics and Gynecology
135 Cannon Street, Suite 405
MSC 840
Charleston, SC 29425
wk (843) 792-0299
fx (843) 792-3130

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