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About Our Program

The Medical University of South Carolina is a freestanding state-supported university offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in a range of health-related fields.  The medical school is one of the oldest in the country and currently graduates approximately 150 medical students annually.  Most of the clinical departments support residency programs and fellowships.  The Medical University Hospital complex includes a Children’s Hospital that has been rated among the best in the country.  The Medical University Hospital is a tertiary care perinatal center servicing the lower third of South Carolina including the entire coastal region.  We currently deliver approximately 2800 babies annually.  Approximately 60% of these patients are considered high-risk because of medical or obstetrical complications.  Our ambulatory practice includes consultative services and ongoing prenatal care for high-risk pregnancies.  Our state-of-the-art AIUM certified prenatal diagnostic center (The Prenatal Wellness Center) performs over 12,000 ultrasounds annually.  We have three genetic counselors on site.  We offer amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, Doppler studies, and cordocentesis for prenatal diagnosis.

The Maternal Fetal Medicine Division currently includes ten faculty members, including the departmental Chair, and three fellows.   All of our faculty are clinically active and practice the breadth of maternal fetal medicine.  Each faculty member contributes to both the clinical and didactic education of every fellow.

In addition to the clinical aspects of maternal fetal medicine, research is also emphasized by our program.  There are excellent opportunities for basic research during your fellowship training.  Dr. Johnson directs a molecular biology lab within the department with specific interest in S-Flt, VEGF and PlGF.  Dr. Chang is working with animal models of fetal neuroprotection and collaborating with colleagues in MUSC’s Children's Research Institute.  A major strength of the division is its affiliation with Dr. Louis Guillette who is a developmental biologist and Chair of Marine Genomics at the Hollings Marine Laboratory.  His particular interests are in the maternal and developmental fetal effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals.  The capabilities of Dr. Guillette's laboratory include steroid hormonal assay, inflammatory markers, molecular biology, genomics, lipodemics and metabolomics.  MUSC believes that the impact of the environment on perinatal outcomes is a woefully under investigated aspect of maternal fetal medicine.  Opportunities for collaboration with basic scientists in other disciplines also exist throughout the university.

Our program is approved for one fellow at each level.  The fellows are assigned to a total of 15 months of clinical responsibility, 3 months of elective rotations, and 18 months are protected for research and to pursue a graduate degree.  Fellows also participate in the educational conferences of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, case conferences, research meetings and a didactic seminar series designed specifically for the fellows.

If you are interested in applying to our fellowship program, please complete an application through ERAS before the May 31st deadline.  All completed applications will be reviewed to determine your candidacy for a personal interview.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our fellowship program coordinator, Marti Sturdevant by telephone at 843-792-2859 or e-mail  Thank you for your interest.


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