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MUSC Lactation Consultation Services

Our lactation consultants are nurse-practitioners who are internationally board certified as lactation consultants. Because we are nurse-practitioners we can prescribe medications for the treatment of lactation problems.

Lactation Suite

Our Services include:

  • Lactation consultation for MUSC patients who are experiencing problems with breastfeeding or who are pumping for their infants
  • Lactation consultation for mothers of hospitalized infants
  • Medical management of lactation problems including mastitis, sore nipples, low milk supply and engorgement
  • Phone availability for lactation information
  • Breast pump information, rental and sales

We believe that any breast milk a mother can provide for her infant is precious. Therefore, our goal is to support, educate, and assist mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals. Many of our visits are screening visits for which there is no charge. For more involved visits, we bill for lactation consultation services. Most insurance companies, including Medicaid, cover this service.

  • General Phone 843-792-0780
  • Pump Rentals 843-876-0410
  • Our Team: 
    • Jeanne M. Barreira, CNM, MSN , IBCLC
    • Barbara Haase, CPNP, MSN , IBCLC
    • Martha Krauss, MSN, CNM
    • Molly Gros, BSN, IBCLC
    • Penelope Bowman, BSN, APRN, CNM

Breastfeeding Tips and FAQ's Video:

Meredith is 33 weeks pregnant and trying to learn all she can about breastfeeding. In this video, she talks to MUSC Nurse and Lactation Consultant Jeanne Barreira about the benefits of breastfeeding. She also gets help with some of the frequently asked questions including pitfalls, latching, the breast pump, and how to know a breastfed baby is getting enough milk.


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