MUSC Bariatric Surgery Program

bariatric surgery PROGRAM

Steps to Weight Loss Surgery

Step 1a: Attend a free bariatric surgery seminar at MUSC. Seminars are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. Register online or call 843-792-1414.            


Step 1b: If you're unable to attend our seminar in person, you may watch this video about the risks and benefits of bariatric surgery. After viewing the video, please complete this form to begin the new patient evaluation process. You will have the opportunity to print a Patient Information Packet at that time, or if you'd prefer, we can mail one to you.Step 2: Complete the Patient Information Packet and return it to the Bariatric Surgery Program at MUSC

Step 3: Verify your insurance coverage for weight loss surgery

Step 4: Medical qualification for weight loss surgery

Step 5: Phone interview with MUSC bariatric surgery dietitian

Step 6: Psychologist interview and evaluation

Step 7: Surgeon interview and evaluation at MUSC

Step 8: Acquire insurance approval

Step 9: Attend a mandatory nutrition class at MUSC

Step 10: Schedule the surgery date and pre-op visit

Step 11: Surgery

Step 12: Follow-up visits

Step 13: Follow-up resources


Download a PDF document that provides more information on each of these thirteen steps.


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