MUSC Bariatric Surgery Program

bariatric surgery PROGRAM

Co-pays and Co-insurance

Bariatric surgery is covered by many insurance policies, and the amount that it costs depends upon the type of policy and its terms, as well as any contractual arrangement with the hospital. Insurance coverage comes in many types, and coverage really cannot be predicted, since it varies from policy to policy, even when issued by the same insurance company. If you wish to come to us for evaluation and surgery, we perform the insurance authorization and approval process without charge. With specific policy information and approval, we can obtain your out-of-pocket expected costs before you schedule surgery.

MUSC Physicians, the physician billing office, requires payment of your co-pay and co-insurance 14 days before surgery is performed.  MUSC Physicians will call and state the estimated co-insurance amount to be paid. We must, however, wait for such approval or have the financial commitment of the patient, prior to scheduling surgery.

The cost of the operation includes:

  • Hospital charges – Medical University of South Carolina
  • Surgeon's fee
  • Surgical Assistant's fee
  • Anesthesiologist's fee
  • Laboratory charges
  • X-Ray charges
  • Consultant fees - as necessary

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