MUSC Bariatric Surgery Program

bariatric surgery PROGRAM

Insurance and Financing

Before you consider weight loss surgery as an option in the management of your obesity, we suggest that you contact your insurance company to verify that bariatric surgery is covered by your policy and that the MUSC Bariatric Surgery Program is part of your coverage. Some policies exclude all types of weight loss surgery, though others don't may not include a specific exclusion of surgery. Your insurance company can verify whether the benefit of weight loss surgery coverage is actually available. They may require documentation about medical necessity before making a decision. 

One important point to keep in mind is that obesity and morbid obesity are considered two different health conditions. Many plans will exclude treatment for obesity but will cover treatment for morbid obesity. It is important to be very specific in the language you use when dealing with insurance companies. Another important point to keep in mind is that not all representatives of a particular insurance company will be as knowledgeable about their policies as others. Check more than one source to verify that what has been told to you is valid.


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