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Cell-U-Lite Text Messages

The MUSC Weight Management Center cell-U-lite® weight loss messaging program is a FREE text messaging service that delivers a daily weight management tip directly to your cell phone. These messages provide you with practical tips and daily reminders to help you work weight management into your daily lifestyle.

New Features:  For those who don't text message, and even those who do, you now have the option of receiving your weight management tips via email. You can also now choose the time of day you would like to receive your tips. So, if you find there's a time of day when you find it particularly difficult to stick with your healthy eating and exercise intentions, set your cell-U-lite tips to come in around that time.

Signing up for this free service is easy to do, and may be cancelled at any time.

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You can cancel your subscription at any time from the same Web address.

Note: MUSC DOES NOT charge for this service; however, please keep in mind that your mobile phone service provider may charge you for receiving text messages on your phone, in accordance with your service plan. If you have any questions about these charges, contact your mobile phone service provider and ask about text messaging charges before signing up for our service.


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