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Vicky's Weight Loss Story

Note: Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us at the MUSC Weight Management Center. The patients listed on our website have granted us express permission to share their program results and pictures with our website visitors.

Before and After Pictures: Unfortunately, pictures were not available for this patient.

Age: 43
Program: First Step (First Step)
Start Date: 11/19/09
End Date: 4/7/10

Weight Changes:

  • Weight Loss (during program): 166.7 to 147.4 (lost 19.3 lbs and 11.6% of her starting weight)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI change): 27 to 24

Body Composition Changes:

  • Body Fat%: 36.3% to 28% (reduced body fat by 8.3%)

Overcoming Obstacles (in patient's own words):

"My biggest challenge was changing a number of ideas I had about food, including how much I really needed each day. Going in, I was a heavy believer in low-carb eating, but so much so that my diet lacked balance and proper nutrition. My diet now includes a broader range of foods that formerly I never would have allowed myself, such as wheat tortillas or beans. These changes provide better nutrition and enough variety so I don’t get frustrated. But it took me a long time to come around to this."

"The second key thing was learning about how a moderate intake of calories really is enough. Because I was exercising a lot, I took in about 1400 calories a day to continue losing. I was surprised to discover that was enough. In maintenance, I average about 1600 a day, and feel like that gives me a little leeway, and I’m not hungry."

"For me, the psych support was the reason I joined the Weight Management Center. To make lasting changes, I knew I had to put away old ideas that weren’t serving me. There was a reason I gained and lost 20 pounds every two years, and I wanted to change those behaviors."

UPDATE (6/23/10)
(from Vicky)

"I recently returned from 9 days in Italy during which I did not place any dietary restrictions on myself. Given that I ate more carbs than usual and a little more alcohol than usual, I am happy to report I did not gain any weight. I attribute that to lots of walking, a lot of fresh food served in sensible portions. I did try to keep a running tally of calories consumed during the day but did not fret about it."

"At any rate, I am happy with my success at maintaining my weight loss in these first few months after leaving the program. I attribute that to the things I learned with you all – and with my new mindset about things. Though it’s not easy every day."

"Even though it was only about 20 pounds that I lost, my life and outlook have changed significantly. I am happier than I can recall being in many years."


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