Weight Management Center

weight management center

Resources and Facilities

Resources and facilities at the ready for your clinical trial

The combination of Center and University resources allows us to quickly and flexibly increase our capacity while maintaining high quality standards.  All of these facilities are located in our building or nearby on campus.

A dedicated obesity clinical center

  • 3 exam rooms
  • 4 meeting/interview rooms
  • Phlebotomy room
  • Diagnostic equipment
         - Calibrated Metler-Toledo scale
         - 12-lead ECG
         - Bioelectrical impedance body composition analyzer
  • Size-appropriate equipment and furnishings
  • Monitoring room with access to wire and wireless internet

Support throughout our academic medical center

  • Institute of Psychiatry Laboratory
    Specimen preparation and shipping
         - Specimen storage
    On-site analyses through MUSC Laboratory Service
  • Clinical and Translational Research Center/ Clinical Trials Center
         - D
    EXA scanning
    PK testing
         - Glucose tolerance testing
  • MUSC Investigational Drug Services
         - Medication storage and accountability

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