Volunteer Services

volunteer services

Adopt A Buddy

Adopt a Buddy

The “Adopt a Buddy” program offers "virtual adoptions" of one or more of our certified pet therapy dogs.  Pet therapy dogs and their owners/handlers visit patients at MUSC to bring smiles and comfort families during what can be a stressful time. Each dog in the program has its own trading card, which features a photo and fun facts about the dog. Patients enjoy collecting the different trading cards.

You may virtually “Adopt a Buddy” through our program today with a donation to MUHA Volunteer Services of just $75 per dog .  Your donation will benefit our volunteer program and help support many initiatives we do for patients and their families.  You will receive a trading card of the buddy you virtually adopt, and a certificate of adoption.  Simply click here and select "Adopt a Buddy from the drop down menu".  Thank ou for helping us Change What's Possible in Healthcare.







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