Breast MRI- Who should have one ?

It’s another important tool for detecting breast cancer.
Breast MRI is a non-invasive way to see inside the breast and can be more accurate than mammogram, but only certain women should be screened.

Dr. Thomas Pope, "The screening should be reserved for women at very high risk."

Women who have a 20-25% lifetime risk of breast cancer, those with a BRCA gene mutation, or who have a first degree relative that has tested positive should be screened with a breast mri in addition to a mammogram. Talk to your doctor or breast cancer specialist about your individual risks.

Angie Mizzell, "It's also important to choose a breast care center that offers mr guided biopsy. "

There's nothing that we don't have here that an individual that wants the best breast care that can be found anywhere in the country can be gotten here at MUSC.

If you have any questions about breast mri or breast cancer risk, call the MUSC Health Connection line at 792-1414.