64-Slice CT Scanner- Dr. Bayne Selby Explains How It Works

In the old days we had the simple x-ray going to the body and as everybody knows the CAT Scan came along and revolutionized that for a lot of things.

Interventional radiology realized that there was potential there and has now has been using it to do many different procedures. We can now take care of many things going on deep inside the body by using the CAT Scan to guide us.

Now in the Heart and Vascular Center we have the latest generation of CAT Scans, this is known as a 64 Slice CAT Scan and although those numbers mean different things to different people, it is the latest CT Scanner that’s around.

What the 64 Slice Scanner really gives us is the ability to stop motion in any part of the body. This includes not only your breathing or a little patient movement you might have during the scan but even the heart which is always beating.

With this for the first time we can stop the blood vessels of the heart on a picture.