Drive Through Diet- Subway

Drive-through Diet – Subway


Female Anchor – WCSC-TV

Male Anchor – WCSC-TV

Bob Behanian – WCSC-TV

Tonya Turner – MUSC Weight Management Center

Female Anchor:  You’ve seen the TV testimonies about Jared’s extreme weight loss, all due to dieting at Subway, but can you really slim down by eating subs?

Male Anchor:  We’ll find out.  Our Bob Behanian is putting fast food restaurants and their diet menus to the test.  Tonight, he finds out if Subway can really help your health in this special report on drive-through diets.

Subway Employee:  Hello, welcome to Subway.

Bob Behanian:  Eating healthy on-the-go can be a challenge.  Subway says their Eat Fresh campaign gives customers the opportunity to get healthy food quickly.

Subway Employee:  Our average calorie content, in our meals, is right about 280 calories per sandwich.

Bob Behanian:  Two hundred and eighty calories sounds healthy.  I stopped by Subway to pick up one of the six-inch subs that they say are six grams of fat or less.

What’s healthier, white of wheat?

Subway Employee:  Wheat.

Bob Behanian:  The wheat, yeah.  We’ll go with the wheat.

Subway Employee:  It’s been mentioned on the news, in 2010, everybody wants to eat healthy.

Bob Behanian:  We’re doing more than just mentioning it.  I want to know how healthy these meals are, so I took my Subway sandwich to the Medical University of South Carolina.  There, Tonya Turner, a registered dietitian at MUSC’s Weight Management Center, helped me examine my food.  First off, we’re going to start with the six-inch Oven Roasted Chicken.

Tonya Turner: Usually, in their healthier menu items, they’re using a wholegrain bun, which is good.  There is mayonnaise on here.  So, with the mayonnaise, you’re, obviously, going to get extra calories.

Bob Behanian:  Now, it is light mayonnaise; what I asked for.

Tonya Turner:  It is?

Bob Behanian:  Is there a big difference between regular and light mayonnaise?

Tonya Turner:  There is.  You’re going to cut the calories.  And, sometimes, you cut them almost in half.  It’s just, obviously, going to depend on how much that person is putting on your sandwich. 

This is chicken, and it’s just grilled chicken, so it’s not fried, which is excellent, and it’s about a three-ounce piece of chicken, so you’re looking at about 220 calories there.  A way you can probably make this even better would be to bulk up on even more vegetables:  green peppers, onions, tomatoes, that type of thing, and get, maybe, mustard instead of mayonnaise.

Bob Behanian:  Now, bulking up on those vegetables, does that add to the fat at all, or no?

Tonya Turner:  It doesn’t add to the fat.  And, really, the calories, if you ate an entire cup of vegetables, if you put those on here, it would only add about 25 calories.  But what it’s going to do is help the person who’s eating it stay really full because of all the fiber that’s in it. 

Bob Behanian:  Subway says this sandwich has six grams of fat or less.  In your opinion, do you think that’s about accurate?

Tonya Turner:  It would be accurate if you didn’t put the mayonnaise on it.

Bob Behanian:  Okay.

Tonya Turner:  And so, when they’re saying that, they’re usually looking at the sandwich with basically just the meat, the lettuce, the tomato, and the bread.  It doesn’t include any cheese of mayonnaise of any kind.

Bob Behanian:  Tonya says getting a low-fat sandwich is just half the battle. 

Tonya Behanian:  They may still get cheese, oil, mayonnaise, things like that, on it, which is going to boost up the calories.

Bob Behanian:  Tonya’s advice:  wheat over white, mustard over mayo.  And as hard as it may be, try a sandwich with no cheese.  These small steps can help you take a big leap in eating healthier.  Bob Behanian, Live 5 News.

Male Anchor:  So, if you weren’t taking notes during Bob’s story, Subway offers a nutrition guide on their website to help you calculate the calories, so you can choose the healthiest sub.

Female Anchor:  To get there, you can go to and type Subway into the speed word search.    

Male Anchor:  And coming up next Tuesday on Live 5 news at 11:00, Bob puts Hardee’s to the test.  Find if their, quote, “healthy choices” live up to that promise.