An Esophageal Cancer Patient Shares Her Story

Susan (sister) “Hollings is a great support system when it’s badly needed.” Harriett- “This is just an incredible place. You come with a caregiver. In this case it’s my sister.” Driving in car: “Adult Hip Hop- I don’t think we’re ready for that.” Harriett- “The attitude in Charleston is good. People are all friendly. Everybody loves it. Charleston is wonderful.” Susan- “I understand the disease now. I didn’t for 30 years. I just knew it was cancer. But here they wanted to make sure I understood the treatment she was going to get, and it worked for me. It’s a unique experience.” Harriett “I like the way you’re treated when you’re included in knowing what’s wrong with you and how you’re going to have it fixed. I feel like they are not only helping me, but educating me. There are a whole bunch of places that I could have gone. After going through meeting the doctors, I didn’t need to go anyplace else. Hope Lodge and MUSC make the bad problem that you have easier to cope with. It’s wonderful.” Susan “It is”