Daughter Of A Stroke Patient Speaks About The REACH SC Program

we usually contact her throughout the day to find out how she's doing. and it was just a regular day, when i call to check on her, she did not answer the phone, so that alarmed me.

so i proceeded to her home and when i found her, she must have been on the porch. she was half on the floor and halfway in the bed, and her left side was totally paralyzed and she was somewhat disoriented.

we went straight into triage and they were ready for her. they assisted us immediately and assessed her condition right on the spot.

dr. carrodi explained to me about the reach program and that reassured me. when he told me what it was, which was a program with musc where they reach outer areas from musc, and i could speak directly to a specialist, that made a really difficult situation more manageable at that time.

dr. robert adams is the person we connected with via the reach program. it was just a little monitor with a camera on it. he asked the questions. he did another exam.

the biggest concern was how long she was down, or when did she actually have the stroke, because a window of 2-3 hours to give her a drug that would keep clots from making the stroke worse.

they indicated that it would probably not be helpful to give her that medication, and at that time, she was doing a lot better. she was responding and able to use her left side a lot better.
prior to the stroke, she was very independent. she has a little weakness on her left side, but she is still mobile and feisty and insists on doing everything on her own. overall she's doing much better since the stroke

you always want the best of care for your loved ones. to know that there's a specialist somewhere else and it's just a matter of miles where i can't get to them, that puts a lot more stress on the situation. so to know that i could reach out to that person in real time was wonderful. Wonderful !