Heart Surgery at MUSC Heart and Vascular Center

Dr. Fred Crawford has spent the last thirty years at MUSC dedicated to creating a comprehensive heart surgery program. MUSC surgeons and cardiologists tackle everything from minimally invasive procedures to heart transplant, and work in state of the art operating rooms. "If one of us is seeing a patient, almost on a daily basis, we say how about come look at the films on this patient and see what you think. so unknown to the patient, instead of getting one physician’s opinion, frequently they get 5 6 7 8 opinions.” Offering expertise in valve disease, congenital care, end stage heart failure and ventricular assist devices, coronary bypass, children’s heart surgery and more- all the bases are covered. “Our satisfaction scores in cardiac care are great by national standard and we provide excellent care along a very broad range of cardiovascular conditions." To find out more call 792-1414 or go to MUSChealth.com