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Learn about myelography, or an x-ray taken using special dye in the spinal canal, in this animation.
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Bones, Joints, and Muscles Videos
Anatomy of the Shoulder [1:48]
Learn about the anatomy of the shoulder by viewing this animation.
Anatomy of the Spine [1:46]
Learn about the anatomy of the spine by viewing this animation.
Ankylosing Spondylitis [1:11]
This animation defines ankylosing spondylitis, a condition that affects the joints and ligaments of the spine.
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear Animation [0:47]
This animation describes the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, and discusses how the ACL can become damaged.
Back & Neck Braces [1:41]
This animation describes the use of braces to provide support and promote healing of the spine.
Barton L. Sachs, M.D., MBA, CPE. Physician Profile [3:34]
Dr. Bart Sachs is an orthopaedic physician specializing in complex spinal conditions such as spine deformities, scoliosis, tumors of the...
Bone Scans [1:15]
This animation describes how bone scans are performed to detect problems with the lumbar spine.
Bunions Animation [1:9]
This video animation illustrates that a bunion is an enlargement of the bone or tissue located at the base of...
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [0:47]
This animation describes the structure of the carpal tunnel and how it can become injured.
Cervical Spine Anatomy [1:18]
Learn the anatomy of the cervical spine by viewing this animation.
Cervical Surgery [1:49]
This animation describes the cervical vertebrae and how cervical discectomy is commonly used to treat damaged cervical discs.
Chronic Rheumatism of the Hand Animation [1:47]
This animation describes the structure of the joints and tells how rheumatoid arthritis can affect their function.
Chronic Rheumatism of the Knee [1:45]
This animation describes the structure of the joints and tells how rheumatoid arthritis can affect their function.
Degenerative Disc Disease [1:29]
Learn about the function and degeneration of the intervertebral discs by viewing this animation.
Degenerative Disc Replacement [1:51]
Learn about degenerative disc replacement by viewing this animation.
Diane Kamen, M.D. - Physician Profile [3:43]
Video profile of Rheumatologist Dr. Diane Kamen. She discusses her areas of expertise, including lupus, osteoporosis and clinical research. Dr....
Discography [1:16]
This animation explains how discography is used to detect problems with intervertebral discs.
Emily A. Darr, M.D. Physician Profile [1:42]
Meet Emily A. Darr, M.D. Dr. Darr was awarded her M.D. by the University of South Carolina, she completed her...
Eric W. Angermeier, M.D. Physician Profile [3:0]
Meet Eric W. Angermeier, M.D. Dr. Angermeier was awarded his M.D. by the Medical University of South Carolina, completed his...
Facet Joints [1:20]
This animation describes what facet joints are and the symptoms and treatments for injury or arthritis in the joints.
Fernando A. Herrera, M.D. Physician Profile [1:26]
Meet Fernando A. Herrera, M.D. Dr. Herrera was awarded his M.D by Boston University. He completed his Residency at the...
Foot and ankle problems [0:60]
Dr. William McKibbin talks about common problems related to the foot and ankle and the importance of seeing a specialist...
Fractures [2:9]
This animation defines different types of bone fractures and discusses their treatments.
Fractures II [1:58]
This animation defines different types of bone fractures: open, closed, compression, avulsion, and impacted.
Harris Slone, M.D. Physician Profile [1:21]
Dr. Harris S. Slone is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports-related injuries, such as injuries to the ACL, ankle, knee,...
Hip Replacement [1:31]
Learn about the hip joint and hip replacement by viewing this animation.
Hip Replacement Surgery [7:0]
Multimedia production on hip replacement surgery, with animations, detailed information on what to expect before, during and after the surgery,...
Jacob M Drew, M.D. Physician Profile [3:31]
Dr. Drew completed his Orthopaedic Residency and received his MD from the University of Massachusetts after receipt of his bachelor’s...
Knee Replacement [1:18]
Learn more about the knee joint and knee replacement by viewing this animation.
Kristoff R. Reid, M.D. Physician Profile [1:28]
Meet Kristoff R. Reid, M.D. Dr. Reid was awarded his M.D. by Washington University in St.Louis. He completed his...
Kyle Kokko, M.D. Physician Profile [1:46]
Dr. Kokko is a Hand and Wrist Specialist at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is accepting new patients...
Langdon A. Hartsock, M.D., FACS Physician Profile [2:33]
Meet Dr. Langdon Hartsock, a board certified orthopaedic physician. Dr. Hartsock has been practicing at MUSC since 1996 and...
Lee Leddy, M.D.- Physician Profile [1:37]
Video profile of Orthpaedic Oncologist, Dr. Lee Leddy. He discusses his areas of special interest and expertise, and why...
Low Back Pain [1:6]
Learn about lower back pain in this animation - both mechanical and compressive pain.
Lumbar Fusion [1:51]
This animation discusses spinal fusion--how and why it is performed.
Lumbar Laminectomy [1:41]
This animation discusses when and how a lumbar laminectomy is performed.
Lumbar Surgery [1:13]
This animation discusses the different types of lumbar surgery.
Lupus- Understanding Signs, Symptoms and Treatment [3:14]
Rheumatologist Dr. Diane Kamen discusses the auto-immune disease Lupus. Patient Sheila Murphy talks about what it has been like to...
M. Lance Tavana, M.D. Physician Profile [1:29]
Meet Lance Tavana, M.D. Dr. Tavana was awarded his M.D by Temple University. He completed his Residency at the...
Marc S Haro, M.D. Physician Profile [1:44]
Dr. Haro has developed a passion for treating complex knee injuries, cartilage restoration as well as all sports injuries, and...
Medial Meniscus Injury Animation [1:15]
This animation discusses the medial meniscus, how it can be injured and repaired.
MUSC's Spine Center Changing Lives [3:37]
Jason Schroyer, a volunteer fireman and EMT from Hampton County had developed Scheuermann's Disease. He was told there was nothing...
My Hip Replacement Surgery - Gary's Story [8:5]
Follow patient Gary, as he goes through hip replacement surgery at the MUSC Musculoskeletal Center. Dr. Harry Demos discusses what...
Myelography [1:14]
Learn about myelography, or an x-ray taken using special dye in the spinal canal, in this animation.
Neck Pain [0:60]
Learn common causes of neck pain and when you should see a physician for a proper diagnosis.
Osteoarthritis [1:1]
This animation discusses osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis of the Hip [1:56]
This animation discusses the structure of the hip joint and osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis: Video [5:18]
Are you having joint pain and stiffness? You may have a condition known as osteoarthritis. This video presents the information...
Osteoporosis [0:56]
Learn about osteoporosis by viewing this animation.
Osteosarcoma [1:43]
Learn about osteosarcoma or cancer of the bone by viewing this animation.
Periarthritis of the Shoulder [2:2]
This animation discusses the structure of the shoulder, as well as the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of "frozen shoulder."
Pulled Groin Muscle Animation [0:58]
This animation describes what a pulled groin muscle is and common symptoms.
R. Bryan Butler, M.D. Physician Profile [2:31]
Dr. Butler joined the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina in 2013. He brings specialized...
Richard J. Friedman, M.D., FRCSC Physician Profile [1:5]
Meet Dr. Richard J. Friedman, M.D., FRCSC. Dr. Friedman is a board-certified orthopaedic physician specializing in shoulder, knee and hip...
Rotator Cuff Injury Animation [0:43]
This animation provides a description of the rotator cuff and discusses possible causes of rotator cuff damage.
Ruptured Disc [1:9]
Learn what a ruptured disc is in this animation, which also discusses common symptoms.
Sacroiliac Joint [1:19]
This animation discusses the symptoms and treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.
Scoliosis [2:15]
This animation discusses the causes and treatments of scoliosis, or abnormal curvature of the spine.
Spinal Fusion [1:9]
Learn when and how a spinal fusion is performed by viewing this animation.
Spinal Injections [1:17]
This animation discusses how spinal injections can be used to treat chronic and severe back pain.
Spinal Problem Tests [1:54]
This animation discusses various tests that can detect spinal problems, from x-ray and MRI to spinal tap.
Spinal Stenosis [1:6]
This animation discusses the causes, diagnosis, and treatment for spinal stenosis.
Spinal Surgery Complications [1:21]
This animation discusses complications that could arise as a result of spinal surgery.
Vertebral Fusion Animation [1:21]
This animation discusses spinal or vertebral fusion used to treat illnesses or injury to the spine.
Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr, M.D. Physician Profile [4:39]
Dr. Pellegrini graduated from Dartmouth College, earned an MD from Dartmouth Medical School with the Dean’s Valedictory Medal, and completed...
W. Michael Walsh, M.D. Physician Profile [2:12]
Meet W. Michael Walsh, M.D. Dr. Walsh was awarded his M.D. by Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed...
Whiplash [1:41]
Learn what whiplash is by viewing this animation.
William McKibbin, M.D. Physician Profile [1:18]
Meet William McKibbin, M.D. Dr McKibbin was awarded his M.D. by the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He completed...
X-Rays Animation [1:52]
Learn how x-rays work by viewing this animation.
Zeke J. Walton, M.D. Physician Profile [2:8]
Zeke Walton, M.D. is a native of South Carolina. Born in Greenville, Dr. Walton completed his undergraduate training at the...
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MUSC Classroom [0:30]
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