The South Carolina Heart Valve Center

Research and Innovation

One of our greatest strengths is our involvement in groundbreaking clinical trials and research studies conducted to answer specific scientific questions about new ways to prevent, diagnose, detect and treat heart and vascular diseases.

The MUSC cardiology basic research program focuses on growth regulation in the adult heart, with a specific focus on the maladaptive growth that causes heart failure. In addition to basic research, the Division of Cardiology at MUSC supports a successful clinical research program with dozens of on-going trials in the areas of cardiac arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, coronary intervention and cardiac transplantation.

Cardiology Second Opinion Program

MUSC offers hope to patients with advanced heart disease by providing a full spectrum of leading edge therapies and clinical trials options. Patients can contact the Second Opinion program by calling 843-792-1616.

Cardiovascular Research Opportunities

 If you are interested in treatment for a specific condition, search our clinical trials database often in order to review your options.

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