MUSC Transplant Center

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Patient Perspectives

Kidney Transplant
“This is my kid. There was no question that I would give her my kidney. If she needed my leg, she could have it.” – Eric Hemingway, Living Kidney Donor

Liver Transplant
“I was so sick, I couldn’t even ask them where the liver came from, but this time, things went really well. Dr. Baliga did both of the transplants and he and the whole department are amazing. They really treat you right.” -Kim Roberts, recipient of two liver transplants

Pediatric Heart Transplant
"The whole process was amazing in the way everything came together.  It was truly a miracle." - Pam Coy, mother of four-year-old Gabe Coy

Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant
“The doctors and nurses at MUSC are like our second family. They got him to where he is now. We wouldn’t have him today if it weren’t for them.” - Whitney Ringler, mother of three-year-old Chase Ringler, bone marrow transplant recipient

Heart Transplant
Within four months after his transplant, Bob ran a 6.2-mile race in under an hour after training with his father and MUSC rehabilitation team. Three years after his transplant, he runs two miles every day, lifts weights and plays basketball and baseball. He feels great and has no health problems now. - Bob Ward, heart transplant recipient

Kidney & Pancreas Transplant
“I’ve been in hospitals a lot during the past five years and my treatment at MUSC was unbelievable. I’ve never known people like that who were so quick to help you. They treated me like I was a newborn baby.” - Rett Pritchard, dual transplant recipient


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