radiology services

Our Team

The MUSC radiology team consists of radiologists, a radiology assistant, radiologic technologists and a nurse practitioner.  Our team works closely with ordering physicians to provide accurate exam results, typically within 24 hours.

Abdominal Imaging

Nancy Curry, M.D.Andrew Hardie, M.D.
Angelle Harper, M.D.

Breast Imaging/Mammography

Susan Ackerman, M.D.Abid Irshad, M.D.
Abbie Cluver, M.D.Rebecca J. Leddy, M.D.

Cardiac Imaging

Philip Costello, M.D.James Ravenel, M.D.
Joseph Schoepf, M.D.Bayne Selby, M.D.

Chest Imaging

Philip Costello, M.D.James Ravenel, M.D.
Stephen Schabel, M.D.Joseph Schoepf, M.D.

Musculoskeletal Imaging

William Conway, M.D.


Donna Roberts, M.D.Maria Matheus, M.D.
Maria Spampinato, M.D.

Interventional Neuroradiology

Aquilla Turk, M.D.Imran Chaudry, M.D.
Sherry Graves, RN, NP

Nuclear Medicine & PET/CT

Leonie Gordon, M.D.Kenneth Spicer, M.D.


Jeanne Hill, M.D.Paula Keslar, M.D.
Anil Rao, M.D.Cephus Simmons, RRA


Susan Ackerman, M.D.Abid Irshad, M.D.
Angelle Harper, M.D.

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Marcelo Guimarães, M.D.Christopher Hannegan, M.D.
Claudio Schönholz, M.D.Bayne Selby, M.D.

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