Quality & Patient Safety

quality & patient Safety

Quality & Patient Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Why did MUSC choose to report on these specific indicators?

The factors reported here relate to common reasons that draw people to hospitals. They’re also the measures that many state, national and independent organizations choose to monitor and report.

F.A.Q. graphicUsing measures that are consistent with other organizations helps the public to objectively compare scores between multiple hospitals across their area, their state and the nation. It provides an easy-to-decipher look at each hospital’s performance across a spectrum of clinical and support services.

A word of caution: Although most hospitals and organizations report on many of the same measures, their methods of analyzing and reporting the data can be slightly different. This can sometimes make it hard to compare directly between different healthcare organizations.

Some scores show that MUSC is below the national averages or benchmarks.  Is that bad?

We are showing the most common indicators, regardless of our scores.  It is important for you to be able to compare us to other hospitals.  It also is important for us to see the areas where we fall behind, so that we know what to improve.  No hospital is going to receive a perfect score; we want to be honest in presenting all the data.  By continuously reviewing these scores and data, we are able to concentrate our quality improvement efforts in the right areas.

Does this Report Card display data about individual physicians?

No, the data presented are for the hospital's overall scores and do not reflect the information for any given doctor.

Is this information available for hospitals other than MUSC?

Yes and no.  Not every hospital has chosen to share their quality data with the public on their Web sites, like MUSC has.  However, there are other public sites that provide comparisons of hospitals, such as Hospital Compare and the Leapfrog Group.

How often are the quality indicators reported?

Whenever possible, we report our numbers on a quarterly basis.


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