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The South Carolina Hospital Association FY2011 Community Benefit Survey for MUSC Medical Center System outlines a description of community benefit programs, number of community benefit events, and number of visits or people served.

In the “Community Health Education” section, MUSC reported services that are not billed on an inpatient or outpatient hospital bill, or services that are offered at a reduced charge to the indigent, medically underserved, and the broader community. Each program that MUSC provides as a community benefit was reported only once on the survey in the category that best describes the program. Loss leaders and marketing/promotional activities were not included. MUSC reported general programs that provide information to reduce health risks and promote wellness, but do not provide clinical or diagnostic services. MUSC also reported community-based self-help and wellness programs, and groups that offer support and counseling, including diagnosis or life-occurrence-specific support.

In the “Community-Based Clinical Services: Health Screening” section, MUSC reported community-based health screenings only, not hospital services or mandated screenings.

In both the “Community-Based Clinical Services: Non-billed/Reduced-fee Clinics (Mobile Clinic)” and “Community-Based Clinical Services: Non-billed/Reduced-fee Clinics (Non-Hospital Based)” sections, MUSC reported clinics that provide non-billed or reduced-charge services to target indigent and medically underserved populations, such as migrant workers or the homeless. Visits to these clinics do not generate a hospital or third-party billing except for resource tracing purposes. Hospital services and clinics that were previously reported in the survey, as Unprofitable/Subsidized Services, were not included.

In the “Health Care Support Services” section, MUSC reported all other non-billed community-based programs that are targeted to the poor or the broader community that MUSC provides in the following categories. MUSC reported counseling programs for target populations or the community. MUSC also reported on family support services, not including standard home care services that generate a hospital bill or that are designed as stand-alone services for which MUSC is reimbursed, free or discounted prescriptions/supplies to patients provided to people who are unable to pay or are medically underserved, meals/nutrition services, and transportation services.

In the “Health Professions Education” section, MUSC reported education and teaching activities, medical, nursing, and allied-health discipline programs, basic science programs, and community-based high-school work experience programs.

In the “Community Building Activities” section, MUSC focused on social conditions that contribute to health problems, such as homelessness, poverty, and other living conditions affecting the quality of life.

List of MUSC Community Benefits                                                                                           Events                                  Persons
Community Health Education
Advance Directives180
Cancer Education11930
Edu Website/Community Publications100
Family/Parenting/Sibling Education961,152
Nutrition/Weight Management2125,490
Stroke Health Education154,500
Stroke Health Fairs1200
Grief Education14282
Community Health Education: Screenings
Blood Pressure Screening410,000
Cancer Screening53,000
Nutrition/Obesity Screening1575
Stroke Screening165
Vascular Screening10
Community-Based Clinical Services: Mobile Clinic
Cervical Cancer Screening2072
Mammography Screening Mobile Unit1231,567
Prostate Screening Mobile Unit8118
Skin Cancer Screening3243
Community-Based Clinical Services: Non-Hospital
AccessHealth Tricounty Network1240
Health Care Support Services
Telemedicine Services12180
Camp Happy Days1300
On-Site Housing for Inpatient Family1919
Free/Discounted Prescription Drugs593593
Amb Care SW: Meal Tickets271271
Amb Care SW: Transportation1,209
Health Professions Education
Continuing Health Professions Education8160
Other Allied Health Professions12610
Community Building Activities
Children's Activities211,500
Community Health Improvement Advocacy10
Community Support1055,750
Leadership Development/Training1150
Urban Farm98525
Workforce Development290

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