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Outpatient Services

Our outpatient clinic is staffed by board-certified psychiatrists who have completed additional training in geriatric psychiatry, thus ensuring the highest quality of care.  As part of a teaching hospital, our clinic also provides attending physician supervised care through our fellows, who are in the process of completing their specialty training.  We offer initial consultations, evaluation, diagnosis, and follow-up medical management of various emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues.  As indicated, we will refer patients for neuropsychological (or memory) testing, other medical tests, electroconvulsive therapy, and outpatient psychotherapy.  When coming for an evaluation, it is helpful to bring medical records including a comprehensive list of all the medications that you are taking, test results (such as blood work, head scans, or memory testing), and notes from your recent doctor's appointments.

Our  Geriatric Psychiatrists

Jessica Broadway, M.D.

Mary Craig, M.D.

Edgar Weiss, M.D.

To schedule an outpatient appointment, call 843-792-5567.


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