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Geriatric Services Scheduling

For many men and women, the changes that come with aging can mean having to adapt to circumstances that are very emotionally and physically trying. The loss of a spouse or close friend, the inability to maintain the family home or do the daily things that once meant self-sufficiency are hard issues to cope with. Problems with memory, depression, anxiety and other behavioral and psychiatric disturbances can greatly impact older people and their loved ones – especially spouses, children and caregivers. Geriatric Services at the Institute of Psychiatry offers many ways of supporting older adults and their loved ones through these difficulties.

To schedule a Geriatric Outpatient appointment
or Seasons assessment
call (843) 792-5567

For admission to the Institute of Psychiatry
call (843) 792-9888 or (800) 922-5250

For information on any of our programs
call (843) 792-8240


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