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Geriatric Services

Although growing older brings many rewards, it can also bring its own set of difficulties. Challenges such as the loss of loved ones, loss of independence, physical burdens and illnesses, and the need for increased medication use can often lead to problems with depression, anxiety, confusion, and other symptoms. We offer consultation, evaluation, and psychiatric treatment of a variety of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral conditions encountered during the aging process, including

memory problems
cognitive problems
behavioral changes
personality changes

mood swings
bipolar disorder
stress related to aging
sleep disorders
alcohol abuse
alcohol dependence
prescription drug abuse
prescription drug dependence
. . . and others

Outpatient services offer the least restrictive alternatives. These include medication management and individual, group and family talk therapies.
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The MUSC SEASONS Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization program offers adults 40 and over group therapy three to five days per week. Patients return home in the evenings.
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The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs, or CDAP, helps patients with substance abuse or dependency. These are offered on both an outpatient and inpatient basis.
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The Brain Stimulation Service provides therapies for treatment-resistant depression and severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
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For help with more complex problems, the Senior Care inpatient program provides short-term stabilization for adults in crisis. The inpatient setting provides evaluation, medication management, behavioral treatment, patient and family education, and planning for care after discharge.
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