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The primary care doctors that are part of the MUSC Physicians network are changing what's possible in health care by creating long-lasting, effective partnerships between you and your primary care team. We will work with you to protect and improve your health, striving to prevent problems and carefully considering the best course of action when you are faced with illness or injury.

All MUSC Physicians have attained board certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties. This certification is granted only to physicians who have completed a certified training program and demonstrated mastery of their specialty by passing a series of rigorous examinations pertaining to their area of interest. With this certification and a strong relationship and affiliation to MUSC you and your family can be assured of the highest of quality and professional skill when you see an MUSC physician.

Find a doctor who specializes in internal medicine

An internist (or internal medicine physician) is a doctor who has received three years of post-graduate training in dealing with health care issues of adults. Internists diagnose and treat a wide variety of common medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol problems. They also are skilled at managing many less common conditions, and are skilled at making appropriate diagnoses. An internist serves also to coordinate referrals to specialists when appropriate, and to help guide you through the complexities of the health delivery system.

Find a doctor who specializes in family medicine

Family medicine physicians also receive three years of additional training after medical school and place a great emphasis on preventative medicine. They are similar to internists in that they treat a wide variety of conditions, provide diagnostic services and coordinate referrals to specialists. In addition, family physicians also provide comprehensive health care for children and adolescents.


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