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Prescription Refill Help

The Prescription Refill form allows you to refill up to 8 prescriptions that were previously filled at any of the MUSC outpatient pharmacies.

Note that you must pick the prescription up at the same pharmacy where it was originally filled.  This pharmacy name appears on your prescription label.

Online Prescription Refill Form

Enter the following information on the Online Prescription Refill form.  This information displays on the prescription label(s) that you would like to refill.

1. Enter the Prescription Number in the first row of the Prescription # column.

2. Enter the last name of the patient in the first rot of the Patient's Last Name column.
3. If you would like to refill an additional prescription, enter that prescription number on the next row.  If it is for the same patient as the previous prescription, you can select the grey arrow (grey arrow icon) to copy the last name.
4. Repeat Step 3 until you have entered all the prescriptions you would like to refill. 
5. Enter your 10-digit phone number, including the dashes (e.g., 123-123-1234).  This information is required.
6. (Optional) Enter your e-mail address.
7. Indicate if you would like to receive future e-mail correspondence from MUSC Pharmacy Services.
8. Select either Yes or No to indicate whether or not the pharmacy should contact your doctor if your prescription needs authorization.

Additional Resources

 If you need technical assistance with this form, or have questions about the online refill, please e-mail our Webmaster.

 If you have questions for the pharmacy about your prescription refill, please call 876-0199.

 If you have a question about a specific type of drug, you can use our Ask-A-Pharmacist feature to send an MUSC pharmacist your question via e-mail.

 If you would like to search for drug information online, use our Online Drug Database.


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