You need podcasting software (e.g. iTunes, iPodder, Odeo) installed on your computer to subscribe to health podcasts.  Subscribing means that your podcasting software will receive subsequent podcasts in the selected topic as they are published.  MUSC offers several podcast subscription options, and they are all free:

 Subscribe by Health Topic
 Subscribe by Medical Professional
 Subscribe by Keyword
 Subscribe via e-mail
 Unsubscribe from e-mail  podcasts

Subscribe by Health Topic
The Health Topic tab in our Podcast Library lists all podcasts grouped by the related health topic.  To subscribe to a health topic, select that topic then select Subscribe.  The Subscription Options tab displays with multiple options.

Subscribe to All Health Podcasts by a Medical Professional
The Medical Professional tab in our podcast library lists all podcasts grouped by the MUSC professional(s) featured or interviewed in that podcast.  To subscribe to all current and future podcasts for a particular medical professional, select that person’s name, then select Subscribe.  The Subscription Options tab displays with multiple options.

Subscribe to Health Podcasts by Keyword
Every page in our podcast library includes a search field at the top of the page.  To find all podcasts related to a keyword, enter that word and initiate a search.  All matching podcasts display.  Select the Subscribe to access the Subscription Options page, then select the Subscribe to keyword link to subscribe to all current and future podcasts including that keyword(s).

Subscribe via e-Mail offers the option to subscribe to a category of podcasts by e-mail.  This means that each week you will receive an e-mail from including a brief overview of each new podcast in the selected categories.  From that e-mail, you will be able to click a link and listen to each podcast on your computer, or download it to play on your MP3 player.  With an e-mail podcast subscription, you do not need podcasting software (e.g. iTunes, iPodder, Odeo), you need only an e-mail address. 
 Sign up for e-mail podcast subscriptions

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