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Objective 7: Encourage Telehealth Development and Innovation


A Telehealth Development and Innovation grant program will be launched, providing assistance to telehealth efforts in the development stage.  Preferences will be given to programs that have potential to be sustainable, save costs while improving care, are scalable to the state as a whole, and are in line with the health care needs of South Carolina.


The potential for telehealth technologies to improve the lives of South Carolinians is vast, yet it is difficult to predict which applications of technology will be the best for our state.  Through this grant- funding opportunity, South Carolina can continue to lead the way to a healthier state and nation.

How State-Appropriated Funds Will Be Utilized

  • For the first year, telehealth funds will be used to disseminate small innovative programs that have shown strong outcomes and are ready for growth, such as a diabetic home-monitoring service.
  • In the coming years, grant funding will be available to all applicants located in South Carolina.

What to Expect and What Will Be Measured

increaseTelehealth programs active in our state


increaseIncreased number of patients enrolled in telehealth programs