MUSC background

Objective 3: Telestroke Expansion


The REACH MUSC program, a telestroke outreach initiative in which MUSC acts as the hub of stroke neurology expertise for 12 spoke hospitals, increases access by rural South Carolina residents to expert stroke care.  This hugely successful telestroke initiative has provided life- and brain-saving care to South Carolinians who otherwise would have had worse outcomes following a stroke.  This impact is such that a lack of telestroke availability is quickly becoming unacceptable.  Telestroke will be made available in underserved locations to strategically provide coverage throughout the state.


Since the program was established, the percentage of South Carolinians living within 60 minutes of expert stroke care has increased from 38% to 76%.   The program achieves crucial response times to treat stroke victims that would be inconceivable without telestroke.

How State-Appropriated Funds Will Be Utilized

  • Telestroke capital and technology fees will be subsidized to allow even the smallest hospitals to participate.

What to Expect and Will Be Measured

increaseNumber of patients receiving timely and appropriate stroke care


decreaseThe costs of long-term care for ischemic stroke patients


For a CME-eligible article on Telestroke, please refer to the MUSC Physician Portal.