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A Letter from the Executive Director

Patrick J. Cawley, M.D., MHM, FACHE Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer at MUSC HealthIn the current climate of change and reform, health care institutions are buffeted by an array of forces. These include shifting paradigms for reimbursement (from fee for service to pay for performance), increasing expectations for transparency in the reporting of quality measures, a growing need to ally with other institutions and practices to ensure coordinated care, and a push for digitization of health records and the use of technology to transform health care delivery.

Successfully navigating these challenges will require health care institutions to chart a course for the future but also to be ready to nimbly adjust that course as necessary. Such adept maneuvering is possible only if every member of a health care team works together. Only then will they arrive at their destination of improved patient outcomes and financial sustainability.

Situated on the Charleston coastline, itself constantly adapting in response to environmental forces, the Medical University of South Carolina, founded in 1824, has put down lasting roots even as it has evolved in response to changes in the health care climate over almost two centuries. The spirit of collaboration among the members of its health care team and their dedication to continuously improving patient safety and quality, commitment to offering the most innovative care to today’s patients while fostering translational research that will revolutionize care for tomorrow’s, and leadership in transforming the delivery of care through robust telehealth programs, all ensure that MUSC Health, the clinical enterprise of the Medical University of South Carolina, will not only navigate today’s challenges but continue to meet the needs of the region’s patients far into the future.


Patrick J. Cawley

Patrick J. Cawley, M.D., MHM, FACHE Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
MUSC Medical Center