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What is the Year In Review?

Progressnotes Year-In-ReviewAs physicians of MUSC, you may have heard about MUSC's groundbreaking medical magazine, Progressnotes (PN). We are excited to tell you about some new features for PN and thought you would be interested in learning more. PN is MUSC’s Medical Magazine published quarterly for physicians and medical professionals. PN highlights academic research articles pertaining to MUSC's innovative approaches, therapies, and faculty.

We would like to announce our first ever Year In Review (YIR) issue. This special issue will not only highlight stories from past issues but will feature new and impactful content as well. The YIR will be a beautifully designed piece, one to surely warrant being a coffee-table presence. We are also excited to share with you an upcoming immersive website, designed and launched in tandem with the YIR.

In anticipation for launch, we are requesting physicians subscribe to the digital edition of PN in advance of the drop date of January 14, 2014. These digital editions will have all of the content in the printed editions, but additionally give access to video content, links for Continuing Medical Education (CME), and other related links.


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Past Issues

August 2013 Progressnotes

August 2013 (digital edition) (pdf)

  • Fighting Fatalism: Addressing Racial Disparities in Health by Aggressively Treating Hypertension (CME credit available
  • Chain Reactions: Amplifying the Impact of Voluntary Donations Through Kidney Chains
  • Building an All-Human Antibody Against Cancer Through an In Vitro Germinal Center
  • A Rare Case of Bobble-Head Doll Syndrome (Watch Video)
  • Scientific Serendipity: Sleeping Sickness Drug Found to Protect Against Kidney Disease
  • Freezing Cancer Out: Cryotherapy for Upper GI Lesions (Watch Video)
  • Welcome: Kevin F. Staveley-O’Carroll, M.D., PhD
May 2013 Progressnotes

May/June 2013 (digital edition) (pdf)

  • Sun Avoidance and the "Sunshine Vitamin"
  • New Directions in Melanoma Management
  • Short on Sunshine
  • Putting the Final Piece into Place: MUSC's Lung Transplant Program Rounds Out Its Comprehensive Transplant Center
  • Seeing Cancer With the World's Smallest Microscope
  • In Short: The Charleston Conference on Alzheimer's Disease
  • In Short: The Lariat™ Procedure at MUSC: A Stitch in Time for Patients With Atrial Fibrillation?
  • In Short: In Deep: Single-Balloon Enteroscopy at the MUSC Digestive Disease Center
  • Welcome: Vincent Domenic Pellegrini Jr, M.D.
March/April 2013 Progessnotes

March/April 2013 (digital edition) (pdf)

January 2013 Progressnotes

January/February 2013 (digital edition)(pdf)

October/November 2012 Progressnotes

October/November 2012

July/August 2012 Progressnotes

July/August 2012 Issue

April/May 2012 Progressnotes

April/May 2012 Issue

February 2012 Progressnotes

February 2012 issue

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