MUSC background

Leading the Way in Pediatric Endoscopy

J. Antonio Quiros, M.D., Chief of the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, is internationally recognized for his expertise with pediatric endoscopy, in particular biliary endoscopy. Endoscopy represents a minimally invasive alternative to surgery, sparing select pediatric patients the rigors and potential complications of invasive operations and long recovery times, often allowing  them to be discharged on the day of their procedure.

MUSC Children’s Hospital is one of only six institutions in the nation offering the full spectrum of pediatric gastrointestinal and biliary endoscopic procedures. Only high-volume training centers can offer pediatric endoscopy because it is very technically challenging due to the smaller size of children and presupposes a clinician who is already highly proficient in adult endoscopy. MUSC’s renowned gastrointestinal endoscopy program, developed under the leadership of Peter Cotton, M.D., a pioneer in the field of endoscopy, provides the necessary base of expertise on which to build a program in pediatric therapeutic endoscopy.

MUSC Children’s Hospital opened a new pediatric endoscopic suite in September 2012 that is equipped and staffed to allow the full spectrum of pediatric endoscopies. Enteroscopy, in which the scope can reach from the mouth all the way to the large intestine, is available in the new suite, allowing ablations of vascular lesions, polyps, and tumors in the small intestine and explorations for small lesions or sources of occult bleeding. Within his first month at MUSC, Dr. Quiros was able to place a stent in the biliary tree of a pediatric patient, avoiding surgery.