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In Short

In Short articles are 400-500 word articles that concisely describe innovative procedures, diagnostic tools, or treatment approaches available at MUSC, sometimes as part of a clinical trial; present important public health information; summarize interesting preliminary findings from MUSC research; and cover topical stories related to medicine.

One Patient, Four Electrodes

A Unique Case Enables MUSC Physicians to Evaluate Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

A Neuroimaging Biomarker for ADHD?

An MUSC-led study provides possibly the first imaging evidence linking iron levels and medication-naïve ADHD

Stroke Prevention Efforts Pay Off

“We now have evidence that the effort people put into lowering their blood pressure, stopping smoking, controlling cholesterol and diabetes, exercising, and eating less salt has paid off with a lower risk of stroke.” —Daniel T. Lackland, DrPH