Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery

Pretty woman on cell phoneMUSC's Plastic Surgery Center offers the region's largest variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures.  MUSC Plastic Surgeons specialize in the latest techniques requiring the most advanced skill sets.  From minor procedures, such as laser therapy and liposculpture, to advanced reconstructive procedures, including microsurgery, our patients have access to expertise and focused care. 

MUSC Plastic Surgeons are highly proficient in a comprehensive array of cosmetic procedures. Patients also enjoy the benefits of building relationships with the same surgeons over time and having all of their cosmetic needs met in one location.


MUSC’s Plastic Surgery Division is extraordinary in many ways:

  • MUSC Plastic Surgeons participate in ongoing research programs to expand the depth of plastic surgery knowledge throughout the nation and continually improve techniques.
  • MUSC has the only plastic surgery residency program in the South Carolina and one of only 89 in the nation.
  • Plastic Surgery Resident Education insures the latest treatments and techniques.
  • MUSC Plastic Surgeons treat adult and pediatric patients.

MUSC Plastic Surgeons are experts in innovative microsurgery techniques, such as DIEP, a new type of muscle-sparing breast reconstruction.  These advanced reconstruction techniques require a high level of skill, using the patient’s own tissue to create “flaps.”  The flaps consist of skin, muscle or bone with accompanying blood vessels to nourish the reconstructed area of the body.  Flaps can be taken from several areas of the body, including the lower abdomen (as in the DIEP flap).  MUSC plastic surgeons rely on their extensive knowledge of vascular anatomy to prepare the flaps for use in surgery.

In addition to knowledge, being experienced in such complex operations requires delicate technique.  These abilities enhance MUSC Plastic Surgeons’ overall skills, enabling them to excel in all types of cosmetic surgery, including cosmetic surgery on the face, arms, legs and trunk.

MUSC Plastic Surgeons take pride in the attention given to our patients.  From scheduling to discharge, we get to know our patients well. 


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