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Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient

We provide several tools to help physicians in the community refer a patient to MUSC:

Online Appointment Referral Form

Complete this form online and attach documents as needed to request a referral for your patient to MUSC. An MUSC representative will contact you within one business day regarding your request.

Specialty Referral Forms

Several departments and clinics have customized referral forms which can be downloaded from our site and returned by fax to MUSC Health, as an alternative to using the online referral form.

Request Medical Records

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining patient records from MUSC's Health Information Services.

MEDULINE - Physician Consult Line

A call to MEDULINE (843-792-2200 or 800-922-5250) connects you with MUSC faculty members who are widely recognized as experts in their fields and can provide specialized advice and care.

MEDUCARE - Medical Transport

MEDUCARE Medical Transport Service is available for referred patients who need immediate medical intervention as a result of severe, life-threatening or potentially disabling conditions.