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Getting Started with MUSC Health Link

Please note that you will need to have the following information before you begin the process of requesting access to MUSC Health Link.   This includes information about the practice and individuals in your practice that require a login for MUSC Health Link.  You will also need to have someone with you who can legally sign on behalf of the practice if you are not authorized.

For your staff, please have these items at hand:

  • First name, middle name and last name for all users requiring access.
  • First name, middle name and last name for any providers that may not require access; however, the practice would still like to keep up and view the provider's patients referred to MUSC.
  • Individual email for each user request. (If users share an email, the User ID and passwords will be sent via postal mail.)
  • The role of each user in your practice (non-clinical, clinical support, provider, etc.).
  • The NPI and professional license number for each provider requesting access to MUSC Health Link.

For your practice, please have these items at hand:

  • Mailing address
  • Practice NPI#
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Practice email
  • If the practice has multiple locations, please have the address, phone and fax number for each additional location.

What happens next?

When a new practice requests access to MUSC Health Link we obtain independent verification of the practice from a separate, valid source, contact the practice via that source (typically a phone call), and verify the validity of the information provided in the on-line practice request before granting MUSC Health Link access to a practice.

When can I expect access to be granted?

You can expect your User ID and password to arrive via email within five business days of completion of the verification process detailed in the What Happens Next section above.

Need more info?

If assistance is needed or you would like to request a tutorial on the many features MUSC Health Link provides, please contact the MUSC Health Link liaison, Matt Jenny by email,, or phone, 843-792-5348.

MUSC Health Link Practice Registration How-To Guide (pdf)