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The Hour Glass

We know the image. The sands of time travel through the hour glass, one grain at a time. The countdown is in progress. Are you paying attention?     

One of my favorite radio shows is Fan Talk, hosted by local radio personality Bobby Hartin. Everyday he and his sidekick Ted give the college football addicts the number of days until the start of college football. In case you are wondering, as of today, we have about 52 days until the start of Gamecock football. Their first game is a Thursday night, at North Carolina State in Raleigh. For the Clemson faithful their season starts two days later against the mighty Sisters of the Poor. No, that’s not right, they actually play Middle Tennessee State.       

Now more than ever I am intent on using my God given time, however much is allotted to me, to make a difference in the world. To put things in greater focus my goal is to make a great contribution to my family, my work, my community. Now more than ever in my life it seems that my mind thinks of life as an hour glass.  As a younger person the year 2000 served as a point of reference regarding time. I remember thinking I would be 37 in the year 2000. My mind was amazed at how old that seemed, especially as a 9th grade student.  Can you believe how long ago 2000 seems now?!?!

I am in the middle of reading a really cool book titled, Get Out of Your Way: The 5 Keys to Surpassing Everyone's Expectations by Robert Cooper, Ph.D. In his book he references the following useful concept for those interested in using time to be both effective and efficient: 

"Your life will have some kind of arc:  positive, negative, or indifferent.  The more clearly you understand what you want and the more you approach circumstances with that in mind, the more that will be as you want it to be....The arrow of life always follows the strongest line of energy.  It goes where you commit every fiber, every molecule of your being.”  (pp. 110-112)

Dr. Cooper exhorts his readers to use focus and to commit to "arcs" that reach goals and surpass one's own expectations and those of others. May you have success in the days and months ahead as you watch the hour glass of time in your life and commit your life to arcs that make the differences you desire and that help you surpass everyone's expectations, even your own. 

Dear Creator God.  You have wonderfully crafted me to do good and be excellent in my family life, my work life and in the community.  Help me to use my time effectively today and in the days and months ahead.  Amen.

-- Chaplain George M. Rossi


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