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A Patient's Best Friend

Lucky the therapy dogThis past week I had the blessing of meeting one of our hospital’s pet therapy dogs.  His name is Lucky.  I wonder how many dogs are named Lucky?  I would guess that it is one of the more common names for dogs, especially the ones that become adopted from the pet shelter.  Either way this particular Lucky was on his rounds passing through the Pediatric Emergency Department with his owner who is a hospital volunteer.  Both Lucky and his owner do their work on a volunteer basis and they both seemed to be enjoying what they do best:  giving a friendly and caring presence to staff and patients in the midst of stressful circumstances.   What a great way to be a blessing to patients, families and staff at the hospital!  Seeing Lucky and petting him in the Pediatric ED was a nice distraction to an otherwise stressful day for me.   I was one of numerous patients, families and staff who took a minute to say hi to Lucky and his owner.   I appreciate all of our volunteers and their pets who give their time and love to those who may need  a reminder of God’s gentle and caring love.

Lucky is a Schnoodle:  part Schnauzer and part Poodle.  He is solid white and has the softest hair.  His owner said that he has just gone to the pet groomer so he was all dressed up with somewhere to go.  I know that many people in the world really enjoy their pets.  Some have dogs and some have cats and some have hamsters and some have canaries.  All of them provide a friendly and caring presence to some very “lucky” people, and each is truly a best friend to the patients, families, and staff in the hospital and at home.

Lord:  Thank you for our volunteers who give of themselves and their animals to cheer and encourage those who are patients and those who work at MUSC.  We truly thank you for all of your creation.  Amen.

-- Chaplain George M. Rossi, BCC


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