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The God Who Never Leaves Us Alone



No balm for the pain,
No salve,
No saving me from this
As from the bottom of a deep pit.
And who can hear my cries?
Who wants to hear?
Who tries?
Why cry when all ears are deaf,
Maybe even my own?
Who will take my hand when I reach out?
Who will not turn away?
Who hurts for me?
Hurts with me?
Hurts in me?

There is only
Are You hear?
Do You hear?
Ever present?
If I make my bed in
Someone said,
Even there,
You are.
There You are.
You are."

This poem was born out of a dark time in my life, when nothing in the world seemed to be working as it should and I questioned whether things would ever get any better.  At times, I blamed God for all that was happening.  “Just leave me alone!” I screamed at God one day.  Then I realized the absurdity of that prayer, and my anger began to melt in gratitude for the fact that God is the only One who truly never leaves us alone.  It was a small epiphany, but enough to give me some comfort, and start me on the road back to a functional faith.  In truth, I think accepting that God was there for me took real faith, which is why I gave the poem that title.  Sometimes faith means small steps, like ending with a period instead of a question mark.  Even these little things are seen and acknowledged by the God who never leaves us alone.

God, sometimes it is good that you do not give us what we ask.  Though we may try to push you away in our anger and hurt, you will not be banished from our lives.  Your love for us is so great that nothing can separate us.  Thank you for that, God.  Help us to remember it when we need to most.  Amen.

-- Chaplain Stacy Sergent


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