Medical and Radiation Oncologists

Oncologists are physicians who specialize in the study and treatment of cancer. In addition to surgical oncologists, our cancer patients may receive care from medical oncologists and our radiation oncologist. Due to the advanced level of oncological care available at MUSC, pancreatic tumors that might otherwise have been inoperable have been targeted with aggressive chemotherapy and selective radiation so that roughly one third become eligible for surgical removal, boosting the patients' long-term survival rates.


  • provide second opinions to referring physicians
  • deliver biologic therapy and chemotherapy
  • evaluate patients for novel clinical trials
  • coordinate follow-up care (cancer-surveillance) with referring physicians.

Medical Oncologists

Paul O'Brien, MD
Dr. O'Brien is a medical oncologist with a special interest in gastrointestinal malignancies. He is active in clinical work and clinical trials at MUSC's Hollings Cancer Center, and serves as an MUSC instructor.


  • works with the multidisciplinary team to determine which patients would benefit from radiotherapy
  • develops and carries out the radiotherapy treatment plan for patients.
  • works with interventional radiologist to plan and deliver selective internal radiation therapy.

Radiation Oncologist

David T. Marshall, MD, MS
Dr. Marshall is the director of the Radiation Oncology Resident Training Program at MUSC, and enjoys working with residents to both improve the care of his patients and educate future radiation oncologists. He is currently the president of the national Association of Directors of Radiation Oncology Programs and an associate professor at MUSC. He has published widely on gastrointestinal cancers and has brought innovative treatment options to the people of South Carolina.


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