High volume - Outcomes are best when pancreatic surgery and procedures are performed at a high-volume center. We are a destination center for pancreatic treatment with patients coming to us from throughout South Carolina and the Southeast as well as other parts of the world. As a result, we have established clinical protocols to assure the highest quality of care. Our surgeons do more than 200 major pancreatic procedures each year. That includes as many as 50 cases in which the pancreas is totally removed (pancreatectomy) while the pancreatic islet cells are preserved and transplanted to the liver.

Experience and expertise - Our effort is led by Dr. David B. Adams, head of the Division of Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgery. He has performed pancreatic surgery for decades and continues to operate on a regular basis. Likewise, Dr. Katherine A. Morgan, Dr. E. Ramsay Camp and Dr. David J. Cole have taken leadership roles in advancing pancreatic surgery. Our patients can also be confident knowing that the other physicians, nurses and other supporting players involved in their cases have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating issues involving the pancreas.

Patient-centered approach - The patient-centered philosophy of MUSC permeates our program. We have put special measures in place to streamline pancreatic cases and provide our patients with care that is as seamless as possible. This includes providing nurse navigators for our patients with pancreatic cancer and those who will have a total removal of the pancreas with the transplantation of islet cells to the liver. These nurse navigators can provide rapid and coordinated access to any surgeon or other physician related to the patient's care.

Multi-disciplinary team - By design, we have established a program that incorporates experts across many disciplines to share ideas, consult on cases and focus on changing what's possible for patients with pancreatic diseases. For example, MUSC has a multi-disciplinary board for gastrointestinal tumors that meets weekly and incorporates surgeons, radiologists, medical oncologists and a pathologist. As a result, each patient benefits from the wisdom of their own physicians as well as the unique perspectives of many others at the table.

Vision - MUSC and its Pancreas Center of Excellence strive to serve the health care needs of the citizens throughout South Carolina while expanding our reach to people throughout the world. This includes reaching out to underserved populations and working for solutions to challenging situations so that we can change what's possible in health care.

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