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The pancreas does a great deal of important work for the body, and when it becomes inflamed, threatened by cancer or otherwise breaks down, the solutions can be complex. The Medical University of South Carolina's Pancreas Surgery Program of Excellence pulls together world-class experts with critical experience in diagnosing and treating the following:

We offer a high-volume center for pancreatic procedures with five gifted surgeons who handle more than 200 major cases each year. These surgeons are part of a larger team of medical professionals who draw on the resources of MUSC – one of the nation's top academic medical centers – to change what's possible for our patients.

Through collaboration with MUSC's Center for Cellular Therapy, we are one of the only centers in the world that can resolve pancreatitis by removing someone's pancreas while preserving the patient's islet cells so they can be transplanted to the liver and continue to regulate blood sugar.

We also work with oncologists at MUSC's Hollings Cancer Center to shrink otherwise inoperable pancreatic tumors to a size that allows our surgeons to successfully remove them.

And we have the valuable support of the gastroenterologists of MUSC's Digestive Disease Center as they help diagnose and treat problems of the pancreas with non-invasive endoscopic procedures.

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