Located in the coastal city of Charleston, SC, the MUSC Pancreas Center of Excellence is rooted in a rich history for surgery, gastroenterology and cancer treatment.

Originally, Dr. Marion Anderson did groundbreaking work to develop surgical treatments for chronic pancreatitis at MUSC. He eventually recruited Dr. Peter Cotton, from England, a pioneer in endoscopic procedures for the pancreas and bile duct disease. In 1995, Dr. Cotton established MUSC's Digestive Disease Center, drawing together gastroenterologists, surgeons, and radiologists with an emphasis on an innovative “patient-centered” approach.

During this same period, the Hollings Cancer Center was established at MUSC, uniting experts in treatment, research, education, prevention and control for cancer, including serious gastrointestinal cancers such as pancreatic cancer.

That spirit of collaboration continues and is being expanded upon today through the MUSC Pancreatic Center of Excellence, which is being led by renowned surgeon Dr. David Adams from the Digestive Disease Center.

The MUSC Pancreas Center of Excellence recognizes that people with pancreatitis and those with pancreatic cancer may have differing diseases but share common ground and some potential solutions. Those who come to us before determining the cause of their problems can be assured that no matter what the diagnosis or how their treatments develop they are receiving the best available care with a comprehensive team seamlessly working on their behalf.

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