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SCNRC logoThe South Carolina Nutrition Research Consortium

The Medical University of South Carolina, Clemson University, the University of South Carolina and the South Carolinas Research Authority founded the South Carolina Nutrition Research Consortium in July, 2001. The Consortium was developed to leverage the resources of universities, industries and government to support innovative nutrition research that will enhance nutrition, disease prevention, and health among all South Carolinians.

Digestive Disease Center

The Digestive Disease Center concentrates on research whose clinical potential value is evident in the short-term. There is a continuum between performance (quality) improvement and clinical research. Performance improvement involves doing today's job better. Clinical research is aimed at patients in the near future.

The DDC is currently involved in approximately forty clinical research studies. The spectrum of "disease" involvement spans from pancreato-biliary to GI cancer to motility to general GI (IBS & IBD) issues. Research projects mainly involve clinical trials and technology development, and advances in technology within GI instrumentation (stents and scopes). These efforts are supported by a grants coordinator, data manager and research nurses, along with the DDC/GI clinic, endoscopy staff and physicians. The strategy of the research practice at DDC is to parallel itself with the daily routine of patient care. It is this strategy and dedication which will maintain the center's mission to improve overall patient care.


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