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nutrition services

Dietetic Internships

The first class of six dietetic interns was admitted to MUSC in 1996. Since then, each class has successfully passed the Registered Dietitian (RD) exam on the first attempt. Also, the number of interns accepted has risen to eight. The interns come from well-respected institutions from all over the country and work together on a variety of projects. The MUSC Dietetic Internship program has been accredited by The American Dietetic Association for the maximum length of time, which is ten years.

A dietetic internship located in a medical center surrounded by a diverse community allows many unique experiences. The MUSC dietetic internship provides practice in pediatrics, trauma and organ transplantation, medicine, cancer, nutrition support and the care of the elderly. A variety of community nutrition experiences are available as well as a short course at a culinary institution. Food service management experiences in the hospital, local school district and several long-term care facilities round out the total internship experience. For more information, please visit the MUSC Dietetic Internship Web site.


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