Nutrition Services

nutrition services

Vending Lite

On-campus vending outlets supplement the full-service dining program at MUSC.  Nearly thirty-four (34) vending machines are located throughout the campus.Vending machines  The vending operation is managed by Coastal Canteen.

Healthy Snack Vending Choices:        

The Traffic Lite System is used at MUSC to help customers quickly identify the snacks that are considered healthier.  The identification system, based on the MUSC Vending Criteria, provides you with the signals you need to make the best choices:

Green      - GO with these choices most often
Yellow     - Caution when selecting these snacks too often
Red          - Stop and reconsider your selection

A 5-cent surcharge is added to all Red Light choices, and the proceeds benefit the Heart Health Program (MUSC's Pediatric Weight Management program). 


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