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nutrition services

Traffic Lite Dining System

Traffic lightStop and think! Proceed with caution. Go for the healthy choice! Making healthy food selections can sometimes be complex, but the decision-making process is now much easier thanks to the "Traffic Lite" system in the MUSC vending machines.

MUSC Registered Dietitians have analyzed the nutrition content of all the foods available in the vending machines. Each food item has been categorized into a red, yellow, or green category. Using the same principles as a traffic light, the colored categories will let you know which foods should be chosen most often, sometimes, and less frequently. The nutrient criteria are based on the Sodexo MINDFUL fat and calorie guidelines.

Nutrition fact labels will be posted near each item and will clearly reflect the red, yellow, or green traffic light. The Traffic Lite color scheme will be easily recognized and will inform customers to:

RED:Stop and Think!Foods highest in fat/calories
YELLOW:Proceed with CautionFoods with moderate fat/calories
GREEN:Go for the healthy choice!Foods lowest in fat/calories

As with every decision, there are many other contributing factors to consider when choosing what to eat. Including foods that are high in fiber, vitamins, and protein, and low in sodium are an important part of a well-balanced diet. The nutrition fact labels will include the sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, protein, and carbohydrate content. The Traffic Lite color scheme takes into account only fat and calories.

Promoting healthy eating is a top priority for everyone.

  • Did you know that the MUSC cafeteria is now offering some foods in half size portions?
  • Did you know that all the foods cooked in Charleston Market, Spitfire Grill, and Theme Cuisine are trans fat free? 
  • Did you know that “Grab & Go” healthy breakfast options are available? 

In response to your requests, these changes have been implemented.

The Traffic Lite system is a quick reference guide to remind people that every small decision made throughout the day is important. Busy lifestyles can make choosing healthier foods difficult. Choosing more ‘green light’ items can be your first step towards a healthier lifestyle.


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